Ski Rent - a Ski Hire Shop in Seefeld

The company Ski Rent was founded in 1975 by three travel companies. A ski hire shop was needed that could deal with the capacity and needs of the tour operators and that had English-speaking staff.

They quickly decided on Seefeld as a base because it had a great infrastructure which had been helped by being the venue for the Nordic events of Winter Olympic Games on two occasions.

Seefeld was also the venue for a number of other Nordic World Cup events, as well as being part of the Universiade (the "University Games"). It has also been awarded several prizes for the excellent quality of the cross-country skiing trails.

Ski Rent Reception

Ski Rent started back in the 70s with 400 pairs of skis and, in the meantime has continually expanded the range and listened to the differing needs of its customers.

These days there are more than 600 pairs of skis (carving skis for beginners to racers) as well as snowboards, cross-country skiing equipment, adult and children's toboggans and helmets offered in the rental section. Accessories such as hats, helmets and gloves are also offered for sale in the small shop.

The modern service centre is another magnet for the Ski Rent customers. The newest machines from the expert service company Wintersteiger help condition not only great rental skis but also the customers' own skis. Ski Rent are particularly proud of the newest Ceramic Disk Technology which helps to sharpen the ski edges.

A particular eye is always kept on quality and safety standards and improvements and on compliance with the latest legal regulations. Ski Rent's goal is to grow alongside the challenges of the modern ski world.

These days ski rental is as popular for our guests as it is for the locals on the Seefeld plateau!

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