Snowshoe Hire in Seefeld

Snowshoeing is growing fast in popularity and Seefeld is one of the best places in Austria to try it out.

It has a whole range of marked snowshoe trails for those who don't like to go too far from civilisation and in the Wildmoos it has an elevated area at the heart of the plateau which is free from the kind of avalanche worries in higher steep-sided valley. Here snowshoe walkers can hike trails and forestry roads which are usually walking tours in the summer but uncleared in the winter.

Ski Rent Snowshoe Hire

The selection of snowshoes at Ski Rent Seefeld is adapted to your needs, so we have different sizes for women, men and young people. The qualified staff at Ski Rent Seefeld will select the optimal snowshoes for you depending on your body weight.

The latest, user-friendly models of the well-known brand Tubbs are available for both rental and sale at Ski Rent Seefeld. Here too we use the latest generation with BOA® Fit System, making it even easier to put on and take off your snowshoes.

Hire of Snowshoes

(in Euros)

Days Snowshoes
1 13,00
2 24,50
3 34,00
4 42,50
5 49,50
6 55,50
7 61,00
8 65,00
9 68,50
10 71,00
extra day 6,00

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Have fun with our snowshoes, no matter if you already have a lot of experience with snowshoeing or if you are trying it for the first time. The important thing is just to get going.

Ski Rent Snowshoe Verleih, Seefeld

Ski Rent Seefeld can also arrange snowshoe guides for tours in the area.