Ski Service - Ski Rent Cares For Your Skis

You had a lot of fun on the slopes with your own skis, but now scratches and blunt edges covered with rust are spoiling your winter enjoyment. Why are other skiers overtaking your?

There's a simple solution: your ski needs our Ski Rent ski service!

Afterwards the ski will turn easily again, the edges will grip even on hard slopes, and your carving turns will take you away from the other skiers!!!

With the new "High Tech" ski/snowboard grinder, Wintersteiger Mercury, you get a ski service with the precision that today's carving skis demand.

The Ski Rent Service Centre has the revolutionary Ceramic Disc Finish to restore the turning and ski characteristics of carving skis. The angular accuracy of this edge grinding process, which is also used by the Austrian Ski Team and many ski manufacturers, guarantees that your skis will turn again as they did on their first day.

In addition, the base of your skis is given a structure according to ski manufacturer specifications to achieve the best gliding characteristics. We use the same grinding and processing technology for the snowboard service at Ski Rent Seefeld.

Even deep scratches are easily filled in by our automatic base repair machine, Wintersteiger Polyjet. The process is electronically temperature controlled and the same material is melted onto the running surface of your ski/snowboard as your original ski base.

Your ski is like NEW again!

Ski Rent Ski Service

Safety - Ski Rent takes it seriously

As various studies have shown, 25% of serious skiing injuries could be prevented by correctly adjusted ski bindings.

Our trained and experienced personnel at Ski Rent Seefeld will check your ski binding according to ISO standards with the help of the latest electronic setting device Wintersteiger Speedtronic and, if necessary, set the optimum release values.

A record also proves your duty of care for possible accidents for your supplementary insurance (daily allowance and compensation for pain and suffering can be revoked under German law if you do not comply with your duty of care).

Here is a selection of our service packagess

  • Alpine RACE Service
    Base repair, pre-grinding, structural grinding with individual structure according to customer requirements with Wintersteiger Mercury ski/snowboard machines (arrow structure, wave structure or cross structure with different structure depths and structure angles), edge tuning with ceramic disc (individual side edge angle from 87º to 90.5º and bottom edge angle from 0.25º to 2.0º), hand waxing with HF racing wax, polishing and brushing
  • Alpine Olympic Service
    Repair, stonegrinding, edgetuning, waxing and polishing
  • Alpine Top Service
    Stonegrinding, edgetuning, waxing and polishing
  • Olympic Snowboard Service
    Repair, stonegrinding with the Wintersteiger Mercury Ski/Snowboard machine, edgetuning with ceramic disc, waxing and polishing
  • Top Snowboard Service
    Stonegrinding with the Wintersteiger Mercury Ski/Snowboard machine, edgetuning with ceramic disc, waxing and polishing
  • Cross-Country Service - Classic or Skating
    Stonegrinding with the Wintersteiger Mercury Ski/Snowboard machine, waxing and polishing
    € 19,00
  • Alpine or Cross-Country Waxing
    Hotwaxing and polishing
  • Binding Service
    Computer check and adjustment of ski binding
  • Alpine and Cross-Country Binding Mounting
    Mounting of ski binding, with computer check and adjustment of ski binding
  • Mounting Touring Binding
    Mounting of ski binding, with computer check and adjustment of ski binding (as long as binding is suitable for computer check)
  • Boot Clip Replacement
    Replacement of boot clips
  • Boot Repair
    Replacement of heel or toe part on ski boots, per pair

Other repair services are available on request.

And remember, if you've got an online discount by hiring equipment from us, you'll also get a 10% discount on your ski service through us.

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